Bobby Moss's Website

Bobby Moss's Website

This personal blog covers open source, retro gaming and old computers.

18 Mar 2020

A Beginner's Guide To Remote Working

Bobby Moss shares his tips as an existing remote worker.
01 Dec 2019

Cloning With A NuXT

Bobby Moss builds a modern IBM XT clone with the MonoTech NuXT.
31 Dec 2018

The Ultimate Y2K Gaming PC

Bobby Moss builds a retrogaming PC using second hand parts from eBay.
04 Aug 2018

OpenBSD On An iBook G4

Bobby Moss refurbishes an old PowerPC Apple Macintosh laptop.
04 Jan 2018

Secure Linux At Home

Bobby Moss explains how to secure your home machines running Linux.
15 Nov 2017

Dell Latitude X200 Refurbish

Bobby Moss refurbishes an ancient Dell laptop and tries Xubuntu on it.